Sunday, October 5, 2008

Respectable Human Being

According to humans, a respectable human being is a person who has achieved a good financial and social status.  He/she believes in relationship (may be for business, may be personal), which tightens and adds power to the society in fighting the inconveniences caused by nature.  He/she does this even if this creates inconveniences between and within humans.  He/she knows how to attract and use people, how to be in fame.

According to nature, a respectable human being is a person who as far as possible doesn't use the resources unless required for food/shelter.  He/she is a person who respects himself/herself, the nature and all the living & non-living things, even a dead rock.

The reason why GOD has sent us down on earth is to protect and flourish life on earth and other planets.  That's our duty.  Not utilizing every available thing even if it's required or not.

I am guilty of looting mother Earth.

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spookydragonfly said...

I would have to agree with your reflections...I, too, am guilty as charged. Food for thought...something we should all reflect more on!

I tried to comment on your other blog, with no luck. Enjoyed your forehead stamp our culture...a tattoo is used for similiar reasons, some form of personal it religious or otherwise. Of course, much of our youth tattoo now for more of a fashion's sad. Enjoyed such a variety of captures on both of your blogs!